[Creative Team]

Director Team: With famous directors such as Feng Di and Peng Di, the executive directors in China on CCTV's tongue tip, we have participated in and directed many large-scale image projects of movies, TV plays, TV programs and listed companies successively.

Planning team: With BEN, Kevin as the core, has participated in many image film planning of listed groups.

Photo team: Take domestic famous photographer peak (the first batch of RED ONE photographers in China, the earliest domestic 3D photographers) as the team.

Later team: they are all elite talents with rich experience in animation, feature film, film and television, TV column and TV advertisement production.

Media Reporter: Central Media Reporter; Ji Shugang. Peng Church, etc.

[Hardware equipment]

Camera: Sony Pxw-fs7k 4K Ultra-Clear Film Camera, RED ONE Digital Camera, Canon XF305 High Definition Digital Camera, Sony pmw-ex3 High Definition Camera, 5D4 and other professional shooting equipment, X280 Camera.

Rocker arm track: 3 M manual small rocker arm, 10 m electric large rocker arm, professional track 4 sets.

Switching studio: Panasonic 4K broadcasting HD switchboard set, professional HD monitor, indoor virtual synthesis system, etc.

Later equipment: professional high-definition non-linear editing system 5 sets, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation production system, special effects production synthesis system.