About us

"China Food Mobile Station" is a high-end, authoritative, real, comprehensive and influential platform for the integration of new media, new channels and new models sponsored by China Food Mobile Station Finance Media (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive and innovative intellectualized media platform for the food industry. Through unique perspectives, keen perspectives, focused events and landing practices, it will focus on displaying the ambitions, corporate culture and brand culture of enterprises in China's food and other industries, highlighting the innovative spirit of Chinese enterprises, and advocating national support policies. It is a national, authoritative, multi media, and all qualified Internet plus new media convergence platform.

China Food Mobile Station takes "the builder of corporate credibility, supporting healthy food in China" as its main theme, pays attention to the hot topics of people's livelihood such as industry development, food safety and public health, promotes Chinese traditional culture, devotes itself to exploring information fusion and dissemination, and relies on China Food Newspaper; China Food Mobile Station takes the creative source and the road of content innovation and integration and dissemination. The integration development pattern of "financial institutions, financial mechanisms and financial products" has been initially formed, and a "multi-terminal, multi-product, multi-platform, full coverage" integrated communication system has been established, forming a multi-media and multi-platform multimedia form, gradually realizing the original intention of exploring the field of mobile interconnection integrated communication.

The combination of tradition + innovation and online and offline will be the basic lesson of the Chinese food mobile phone station, which extends and expands from "food" to make multi-angle topics present in an all-round way. As the financial media of China Food Newspaper, unlike the traditional news release platform, the mobile station of China Food Newspaper can provide PC terminal, mobile terminal (video compatible with all mainstream browsers, supporting simultaneous transmission of products such as iPhone, iPad, Android) and Wechat, media number and so on.

In order to better play the role of media media media supervision and propaganda, China Food Mobile carries out the strategy of mobile priority innovation drive, designs and develops multi-screen interactive media sector, online and offline participation. We have set up 24 channels and more than 260 columns, such as "Chinese Food Headlines, Chinese Food Tourism, Enterprise Focus, Financial Capital", to publicize and report 360-degree, all-round and full-time to various industries. With large screen with small screen, small screen back to large screen, multi-screen audiences, to create a "smart fusion media", from "add" to "blend".