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Industry Solutions

Exclusive interview


  By interviewing the entrepreneurs, we can show their life experience of surpassing themselves in their entrepreneurship and self-development, reveal how they lead the industry trend and establish the brand leading position, and show the process of enterpr

  Production method:

  1. Pure studio interviews do not take three days in any other form. Two days after the first day of shooting, post-production.

  2. Studio + Video Material does not need other forms for three days, two days after the first day of shooting post-production.

  3. It takes 7 days for studio + video material + live shooting, 3 days for shooting and 4 days for post-production.

  4. It takes 14 days for studio + video material + live shooting + interview + post-packaging, 7 days for post-production.

  Note: The general edition only interviews customers'entrepreneurial experience, and the simplified edition is customized according to customers' requirements, including brand, products and so on.