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Industry Solutions

Video editing

  According to the requirements and scripts, editing, paragraph deletion, adding deleted fragments, adding LOGO, caption, dubbing, montage effect, professional tone processing, three-dimensional header customization, production of tidbits, transcoding of video formats, electronic album, FLASH, and editing and production according to the requirements of autonomy.

  Production method:

  Material processing provides video material with clip deletion, paragraph reorganization, historical material incorporation, related material introduction and combination, etc.

  Special effects processing: transfer stunts, montage effects, three-dimensional special effects, multi-pictures, picture-in-picture effects, video picture toner and so on are added to the process of video material editing.

  Subtitle processing: add Logo, Chinese and foreign subtitles, captions, captions, three-dimensional captions, scrolling captions, captions and so on.

  Audio processing: add background music, special effects music, professional broadcasters multi-lingual voice interpretation, counterpart voice, music for video material.

  Packaging: All-round special effects packaging for video material editing, montage effect, making three-dimensional film head and tail, Flash film head and tail, image logo special effects and so on.

  Output of finished products - Produced film and television works are exported to various formats of video tapes, broadcast tapes, pressed or recorded to DVD, VCD, or output various formats of data files. The production cycle is determined by editing/editing difficulty, usually within 2 weeks.