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Industry Solutions

Customer Personalized Video Requirements


  Personalized video shooting can be provided by customers with arbitrary ideas, in the current technology can achieve the situation, our station is responsible for shooting and post-editing, to achieve the desired results of customers. In the process of personalized video shooting, customers as the main idea providers will have a leader's experience. In the whole video production, this studio plays the role of technical backing. Our task is to turn customers'ideas and ideas into reality, and to achieve perfect performance through technical means.

  Production method: Before personalized shooting, customers provide personalized requirements such as subject matter, theme and so on. Filming scripts are planned and provided by the copywriting team of this studio. After the scripts are completed, they are submitted to the client for modification and then organized by the copywriting team for modification. After finalizing the draft, the shooting team will take pictures. After the film is shot, the clip video will be modified by the customer and the technical team to achieve the desired effect. The production cycle depends on the difficulty of shooting.