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Propaganda Film Shooting


The product promotional film focuses on the introduction of product structure, functional characteristics, use methods, technical principles, application areas and so on. From the form of expression, it can be divided into situational, animated, micro-film, demonstration, feature film and other types. Which way of expression should be adopted? We need to consider "shooting ideas, project costs" and so on.


Operational Demo HD

In order to introduce the use of products, maintenance, matters needing attention, usage and other content-based, basically based on real shooting (such as demonstration while operating).


Product feature HD

With the help of live shooting, animation, graphic packaging and other techniques, the product's use, characteristics, principles, applications and so on to be presented! __________


Application Experience Film HD

Also known as sitcom, according to the characteristics of the product design some application experience lens (such as life, work, outdoor scenes), the product features such as selling points embedded in the actors scene experience, can be quickly spread through the network or Wechat, suitable for terminal sales products or services (such as smart electronics, smart home products)!